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Gail MarksJarvis is a Financial Journalist and Author
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Do you need help saving and investing money?
"Saving for Retirement" second edition
Who doesn't?....Test yourself. Find the help and advice you need in "Saving for Retirement (Without Living Like a Pauper or Winning the Lottery)."
No time? Between your job, laundry, and bills, there's barely even time to sleep. But investing a couple of hours a year in investing can turn pocket-change into thousands. Learn the shortcuts for the busiest of people in Chapter 14.
Just finished college and money's tight? Your college loans and meager pay turn your stomach. The idea of saving seems preposterous, and you tell yourself there's plenty of time for that later. But if you start investing just $25 a week now, you could have $1 million when you retire. Find out how in Chapters 2 and 4. Become an investing pro in Chapters 6 through 13.
Juggling your family, a house and your future? You have saved $25,000 for retirement. Do you know if that's a lot or a little? It's a crucial question, and you can easily change your future if you simply find the answer. Get it in Chapter 2. Then make sure your investments are right. Check Chapter 11.
Starting to long for retirement? You wonder if you have saved enough, or perhaps worry -- as many do -- that you will eat cat food unless you work to 80. Find out how you are actually positioned for the life you want. Read every word of Chapter 2, and then spice up your investments in Chapter 11.
You keep money in savings, but don't invest? With $5,000 in a savings account you'll be lucky if it grows to $11,000 over an entire lifetime. In a 401(k) or IRA it could be worth more than $226,000. Find out how in Chapters 3, 4 and 5.
Looking for the best way to choose mutual funds? If you see one fund that earned 10% and another that earned 5%, don't assume the 10% one is the natural choice. Learn how to separate hype from real returns in Chapters 6 through 9.
"The Dow dropped 200 points" sounds like gibberish? Get smart about the stock market. Start in Chapter 6. Learn about the Dow in Chapter 13.
Never invested before, but the stock market excites you? You hear Jim Cramer talk about a hot stock on "Mad Money." You are ready to put every penny you have into it. You need help, Jim Cramer would tell you this too. Putting everything into one stock, or even a couple, is crazy. Start learning about investing in Chapter 6 through 13. Get Chapter 11 right. Then, you might be ready to risk a little money in a single stock.
$250-$500 to invest? Your $250 can and should be invested now in an IRA. You could turn a simple $500 investment into almost $37,000. Get help in Chapter 4 and 5. Finish off your investing techniques in Chapters 8 to 13.
401(k) is too confusing and you're too busy? You're throwing money away. Don't wait another day. Turn $25 a week into $1 million. Get acquainted with the power of your 401 (k) in Chapter 3.
No math skills, no business background? None needed! It's been statistically proven that anyone can beat about 70 percent of the pros with MBAs and years of Wall Street experience. Learn how in Chapters 6 through 14, pay special attention to the easy recipes in Chapter 11 and Chapter 13.
The stock market takes a nose dive, what do you do? You hear on the news that the stock market is down, and you look at your 401(k) in horror. You have lost thousands of dollars, and wonder if you should yank your money before you lose another cent. Get the help you need in Chapter 6.
Need an advisor? You've been thinking about investing, or investing smarter, for a long time. You keep promising yourself to find a financial adviser who will help you do what's right. Find help in Chapter 15.

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