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Gail MarksJarvis is a Financial Journalist and Author
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Gail MarksJarvis, award-winning personal finance columnist, author and speaker

Never be a pauper... Not now; not ever.
Saving doesn't have to be painful. Investing isn't rocket-science. Gail MarksJarvis drops the bewildering lingo of finance and explains what you need to know so you can successfully invest money, juggle bills, save for retirement, send children to college, and face your retirement confidently.

Gail MarksJarvis has delivered advice on personal finance, investing, business and financial markets on dozens of television and radio programs. She has been a reporter for National Public Radio's "Marketplace," and provided analysis on "Talk of the Nation," "Sound Money," public television, and ABC, NBC, CBS affiliates. She is heard weekly in Chicago on CLTV and is a guest on WGN radio.
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Gail MarksJarvis is a frequent speaker at conferences, seminars and events.
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She has previously spoken before groups including:
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission Investor Forum
  • Financial Planning Association conferences
  • Minnesota Nurses' Association
  • American Bar Association Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • Credit Union National Association
  • Jump$tart Illinois Teacher Financial Literacy Forum
  • Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law
  • Better Investing Conference
  • Citizen's League of Minnesota
  • University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Leadership
  • Numerous Chambers of Commerce
  • Knight Ridder employees' 401(k) training seminar
  • University of Minnesota School of Journalism
  • American Association of University Women
  • MnBio Annual Conference
  • AARP and Older Womens League
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