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Gail MarksJarvis is a Financial Journalist and Author
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Some of Gail's favorite calculators for "Saving for Retirement Without Living Like a Pauper or Winning the Lottery."

  • See the power of compounding

  • How do 401(k) salary deductions affect my takehome pay?

  • How do expenses cut the money I make?

  • How will taxes and inflation affect my savings?

  • See if your savings are on target for your future with the Choose to Save"Ballpark estimate"

  • Estimate how long you are likely to live.

  • How much Social Security should you get?

  • How much retirement income will your savings provide?

  • See how your savings and employer match add up in your 401(k)

  • T. Rowe Price Monte Carlo tool: Model the Likelihood of Running Out of Assets in Retirement

  • Check to see if your broker has ever run into trouble

  • best books on stock investing
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